© 2016 Flör


Sparkling and beneficial drink
with natural extracts of flowers*

* issued from Organic Farming


Flör Hibiscus

Subtle flowers fragrance with natural antioxidant : this is Flör Hibiscus. Fulfilling beverage for body and mind.


© 2016 Flör

© 2016 Flör

Let’s surprise your taste buds!

Right from the first mouthful, feel the délicate freshness of this slightly acidulated beverage, which is 100% natural, with Hibiscus flowers combined with the sweetness of agave. An intense color, thirst-quenching fine bubbles… But above all, a unique floral taste that makes each savoring a real relaxing moment.

© 2016 Flör

The secrets of the red gold

It is called Hibiscus Sabdariffa and also Bissap in Wolof, Oseille in Guinea or Karcade in Egypt. Whatever its name, this strange deep red flore mainly flourish below tropical climate in West Africa. It is very famous in Senegal, Guinea and Mali and everywhere in the region, its numerous virtues and its sweet fragrance make it essential in African food.

Traditionally recognized benefits of the hibiscus flower
  • Antioxidant
    To boost your immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory
    To relieve pain and fever
  • Hypocholesterolemic
    For a “fat burner”
  • Hypotensive
    To reduce mild hypertension
  • Diuretic
    For better elimination
  • Antiasthenic
    To reduce fatigue
  • Antispasmodic
    Against digestive pain

Flör Drinks

Return to the basics

You are not the kind of person who judges on appearance. Your health and your pleasure are no laughing matter. you are absolutely right. Because you are a demanding and connaisseur drinker, we have created Flör. An original 100% natural beverage, without artificial sugar, from rare flower extracts with millenary properties. More than refreshment, Flör takes you to a sensory trip, which bubble after bubble, frees the sweet energy of our flowers and fulfills you as you find a delightful relaxing feeling.

The power of flowers

As beautiful as good for your health

Herbal teas, brews or decoctions, Flowers have been an endless source of health benefits for many centuries in all civilisations, bringing pleasure and well-being to those who know their secrets. As keen travellers and explorers, founders have travelled all around the world to select the best flowers to offer you an amazing sparkling beverage, carefully blending freshness, taste and vitality. We bet you’ll love it.








Pleasure contributes to part of your health.
The other part blossoms in you every day.


Soon, discover our other wellness flavour !

Flör Jasmin, Flör Wild Pensy, Flör Cherry Blossom, Flör Elderflower…

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